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Our Instructors

All of our instructors are fully credentialed in their field and have years of experience at the international level in both business and education. They make your experience informative, dynamic, and above all USEFUL.

Management Training

We provide intensive, 3-5 day courses in Finance, Management, Leadership, Communications, HR, PR, and many other topics.  

QHSE Certification
We provide accreditation in HSE from international bodies such as IOSH, NEBOSH, OSHAcademy and other accrediting bodies.

There are four ways in which training can take place:

  1. Over 20 public courses are provided in Erbil using the same trainers we use in London (see on right--if no courses are listed, email us for current schedule   Call for more information 0750-327-6984.
  2. In-house and bespoken courses can be provided for your organization in your facilities. These can be run under our logo or under the logo of our UK partner JASPER ALLIANCE LONDON, LTD, for an extra charge for Continuing Professional Developmet (CPD) certification. 
  3. We can help arrange training in Dubai, London, Kuala Lumpor, or elsewhere, with one of our international partner organizations.


Motivational Leadership

Supervisory Skills

Essential Management Skills

Effective Communication and Presentations

Dynamic Office Management

Influencing, Assertiveness and Negotiation

International Financial Reporting Standards

Internal Auditing

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Oil & Gas Business Environment

International Accounting Skills

Oil & Gas Accounting

Core Sales Skills

Customer Service Management

Human Resource Management

Training the Trainer

Key Performance Indicators

Competency Based Interviews

Project Management

Procurement for Tenders

Logistics & Supply Chain

Upcoming Courses

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Management is all about using resources effectively, whether it is your physical assets or your relationships with others.

Our Management Training Program is provided by high quality international consultants. These courses are dynamic and hands on, giving you the skills needed to compete in a global economy in the fraction of the time you would spend in a traditional classroom.

Management Courses